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The Rise Of Football Betting

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Betting used to be quite a sordid activity, and to some extent it still is. There are those who see betting as one of the scourges of the world. Indeed, when betting first began in the UK, gambles occurred in back alleyways behind pubs and public urinals. It certainly wasn’t a glamorous industry. It was funded by working class men trying to make some extra dough. This is where the world of football betting began, and it has certainly changed a lot since then.

Cleaning Up The Bookies

Once gambling was made legal, betting shops opened up across the UK. Those eager could place a bet on football matches and horse races. Today if you enter a betting shop, you’ll be surrounded by HD screens. Every sport imaginable will be on display in pristine quality. It wasn’t like that back then. In the past, there were no screens, no drinks and no entertainment. The shop owner would narrate what was happening in the matches as they took place. There might have been cheers from the gamblers but aside from that, it was a dreary place.

It was a couple decades later when new legislation allowed these shops to be cleaned up. William Hill famously pushed for more changes to betting shops. He wanted them to be the attractive, fun, lively places that we know them as today. It wouldn’t be like that until the 90’s. By that time the world was changing again with the introduction of the internet.

Betting Online

If you look at the rise of the online betting timeline, you will see how it started and how important it’s become. Most football bets these days are placed online, but it’s been a slow journey to get to this point. Betting on football matches actually started in Hawaii. It was the only place where the practice was legal. It wasn’t long though before local bookies caught on to the idea. Flashy websites were opened and evolved into the immersive, interactive sources for gambling we use today. It was full steam ahead for football bookies and these days you can even find sites for tipsters. They’ll help you pick a footy team, suggesting which one is more likely to come out on top.

In the late 2000s, the online world changed again with the introduction of apps. These apps made betting even easier and increased the rates of online gambling. Now, you can bet from your phone and be notified if you win or lose. During the World Cup, betting apps made millions from people hoping to strike gold, supporting their team. Some apps even offer to fund your first bet once you sign up for the service!

Now, the football betting industry is worth billions. While the matches you can bet on are restricted in some parts of the world in Europe, there are over two hundred markets on matches around the world. The possibilities are literally endless in this area of the betting industry for punters hoping to make their fortune.

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