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We've had plenty to get our satirical teeth stuck in to over the last three weeks - not least Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder. We've also had thrills, spills, shocks, errors, drama, and heartache to boot. The explosion of the 'meme' on social networks has given us a World Cup to remember so far, and that's just off the pitch. Here are a few of our favourites so far:

Luis Suarez biting incident - meme gold!

Arsene Wenger spending time on Rio beach gave us plenty to play with....Shudder!

WAGS galore! These girls know who pay the bills. That bonus is getting bigger with every round Colombia conquer, and the heels just get higher!

Lord of the Rings v Ronaldo! LOTR wins this year!

England and Roy Hodgson were distracted by something! Here's the proof.

Lionel the Messi-ah! Is he the chosen one? He's having quite some effect on his fans already. God only knows what will happen if Argentina win. Raising the dead?

Poor Steven Gerrard. Will he ever recover from this season from hell??!

Club football still dominates the thoughts of most. Was Van Gaal the best signing of the summer? It's looking good!

Still plenty of games left to go though, and we'll have plenty more to mock, to celebrate, and to enjoy! Stay tuned for the leftfield view from the dugout. These guys always give us plenty of ammunition and we'll keep firing the meme bullets in your direction!

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