2014 FIFA World Cup in Pictures

Some of our favourites so far!

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We've had a vibrant, colourful, and thoroughly entertaining World Cup so far. The protests have been kept away from the tournament and everyone seems to be having the time of their live's! Everyone except Spain that is...This was the competition FIFA had hoped for. This was the World Cup Brazil prayed for...so far.

Here are some of our favourite pictures of the tournament so far...and the stories behind them.

It took the longest time in World Cup history, but we finally got our first drawn game. Iran 0 - 0 Nigeria. It was pretty dire to say the least, and the fans let every player know exactly what they thought at the end of the game - boo's all round. At least the Nigerian fans could entertain themselves - because their team certainly didn't!

England fans on holiday. Hmmm. Thankfully we've had no hooligan antics so far, but then again who wants to mess with the Brazilian police?!! Unfortunately this guy might not be quite so lucky when he gets home. If the wife wasn't watching, then this picture will have you in all sorts of trouble upon your return. 'Mummy quick! Daddy's on the telly!'

Argentina weren't at their best by a long stretch, but even so, when you have the World's greatest player at your disposal you don't always need to play well to win. Lionel Messi scored his first goal in the World Cup for eight years, and just like he does at Barcelona on a regular basis, he made the opposition defence look stupid while he did it!

England melted in the heat of the Manaus jungle, as Andreas Pirlo trotted around in his usual inimitable style. Italy came out on top in a physically energy sapping tussle. We were sweating at home in 23 degree heat. Steven Gerrard was dealing with much worse in 90% humidity, but everyone was very kind and helped each other out with the various cramps. Jolly nice stuff chaps!

The BBC have just got it all wrong so far, although ITV were still lucky to have any pundits left after the first day. Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon were visibly shaken as protesters threw stones at their studio during the first game of the tournament. Thankfully everything seems to have died down a bit on that front, but the BBC are desperately trying to finish us all off with bizarre commentary, the dullest in-game analysis ever, and some rather annoying studio punditry. Jonathan Pierce, Phil Neville, and Robbie Savage. You know who you are!

The first big shock of the tournament came when the Dutch redeemed their shocking World Cup final display in South Africa with a thumping 5-1 win over the World Champion's Spain. Robin Van Persie's wonder header has been memed to death - and deservedly so. It was very special indeed!

Manchester United fans will be licking their lips at the prospect of Louis Van Gall and Robin van Persie teaming up at Old Trafford, if that's what they can do to the World Champions. Now Ed Woodward, Chief Executive for United, just has to go out and buy the entire Dutch team - should be fairly straight forward. An orange revolution looks highly likely in the North West of England.

There have been some great fancy dress costumes in the crowds, but this is by far and away the cleverest and the best so far. The bar has been lifted to another level by the Dutch in every aspect. They never let us down!

Iker Casillas barely played a game for Real Madrid this season, and we all saw why. The lucky photographer who got this shot must have thought he was in dreamland when he hit this gem of a photo. The meme says it all...

Still lots to come, and we'll be bringing you them each and every day on our Facebook page.

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