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We bring you more hot lady friends of some of the game's top stars

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English Premier League is the place where some of the world’s best football players earn their living. The amount of money they gain by playing football is surreal. Aside salaries, we all know of the story about the connection of football stars and the most famous models in the world of fashion. In this edition of the weekly WAG report, we will continue where we stopped last week and bring you the new five picks of the week.

1 - Tanya Robinson- Phil Bardsley’s wife(Stoke)

The 31-year old model Tanya Robinson andrecently signed Stoke City’s defender Phil Bardsley got married four months agoto confirm their long relationship.

2 – Anara Atanes- Samir Nasri’s girlfriend (Manchester City)

This 26 years-old model, actress and singer got into the centre of media attention when France national team coach Didier Deschamps refused to invite her boyfriend Samir Nasri to play for the national side in the world cup. Anara let France team’s boss know clearly what she thought about that decision on twitter: "F*** france and f*** deschamps! What a s*** manager!”, and as if this wasn’t enough, she also added: “Incase u didnt read my tweet properly.... Ill repeat myself..... f*** FRANCE!!!!! And f*** Deschamps!"

3 – Helen Flanagan – Scott Sinclair’s girlfriend (Manchester City)

Scott Sinclair doesn’t seem much bothered with the fact that he spends much more time on the bench than on the pitch in his Manchester City. And why would he when he is in a relationship with the super attractive 23-years old actress and model Helen Flanagan.

4 – Georgina Dorsett – Tom Cleverley’s girlfriend (Aston Villa)

Tom Cleverley’s decisions on the court may be criticized, but his taste when it comes to girls can’t be questioned. He is in a happy relationship with the star of the show “The only way to Essex” Georgina Dorsett.

5 – Edurne Garcia Almagro – David de Gea’s girlfriend (Manchester United)

Manchester United goalkeeper spends most of his free time with 28-years old Spanish pop singer, model and actress Edurne Garcia Almagro.

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