Supermodel Sues Christian Lell Over Mesut Ozil Scandal

Melanie Rickinger wants compensation for alleged "theft of data" from the German defender

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Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is once again in the center of attention, and once again it has nothing to do with football. Several months ago the German was involved in an incident when text messages between and Christian Lell’s ex girlfriend Melanie Rickinger were published and Lell accused Ozil of having an affair with his girlfriend.

At that time Ozil broke things up with his girlfriend Madny Capristo and the midfielder threatened to sue the German tabloid Bild for invasion of privacy. Now, several months later a new lawsuit is in the making as Melanie Rickinger is threatening to sue Lell for theft of data, claiming all the messages were deleted, and he must have backed them up and sent them to the media.

I deleted everything on my phone. He must have gone himself and backed everything up.

Back in October when the drama was unfolding, Rickinger was called a snake and a relationship killer by Lell, while the model called him completely crazy and claimed he had been reading her private conversations. The conversations however did reveal that she had been cheating on him with Mesut and this was also the reason for Ozil to break up with his girlfriend Mandy Capristo.

Capristo, who started her show business career at the age of 11, winning a beauty contest, and making a name for herself as a part of the girl band Monrose, also claimed that she doesn’t want to be known only as WAG but rather prefers people knowing her for her own accomplishments.

So when people say I’m just a WAG, I don’t care. I have too much respect for myself and my own work to even bother thinking about these people.

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