Maxi Lopez finds the consolation after his ex wife marries his friend Mauro Icardi

Chievo player in a relationship with Swedish model Daniela Christiansson

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Maxi’s ex wife Wanda Nara caused a major scandal last year in Italy as she threw eight years of marriage to cheat him with no one else but his friend and also Serie A player Mauro Icardi. She claimed that the main reason was because Maxi neglected her in a way they didn’t have sex for three months.

Mauro Icardi didn’t feel any guilt as he instantly admitted his affair with Wanda showing his love towards her using social networks. We have to mention that Maxi helped Icardi to move from Argetina to Europe during the period when he played for Barcelona, as later both players ended up in Italy.

Interesting situation happened in April this year when Icardi’s Inter faced Maxi’s Sampdoria when Mauro reached for a handshake before the start of the game, but Lopez just ignored it.

The new couple decided to move their relationship to the new level and organized a wedding in Buenos Aires in May this year. The whole affair reasonably caused a lot of negative comments and accusations towards Inter’s striker.

He went even further and tattooed the names of three Maxi’s sons on his hand, photographed it and published it on his Twitter account with a comment about how much he loves them.

However, Chievo striker seems to have recovered from the shock which embarrassed him in front of the whole world as he started the relationship with Swedish model Daniela Christiansson. We’ll see if she is going to be more faithful.

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