The Selfish Star Sends Everton towards the Relegation Zone

Rocky’s motivational speech was not helpful; the Toffees are winless in six consecutive league matches

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We must prove to KEVIN MIRALLAS that Everton can meet his ambitions in order to affect his decision about signing a new contract and staying in the club.

These were Roberto Martinez’s words ahead of the match against West Bromwich on Monday evening. However, these words brought more damage instead of the positive atmosphere at the Goodison because the Belgium midfielder took charge of taking the penalty-kick in the final minutes of the first half instead of Leighton Baines who was almost impeccable from the spot in his Everton career having converted 15 out of 16 taken penalties.

It wasn’t good enough for Mirallas though as he took the ball and hit only the post instead of the net, what caused Everton boss Martinez to withdraw him at half-time, although after the match he mentioned “injury” as the main reason for the substitution.

Everton thus took only a point on the home ground continuing their desperate season. In comparison, at this point of time in the last season Everton were fighting for the Champions League spot, and now after a goalless draw with West Bromwich, they are 17 points off Man United in fourth. The relegation zone is however only four points away.

One of the most famous Everton fans in the world, legendary Sylvester Stallone, delivered a half-time message to remind Toffees that ”he is one of them” and asked them to “make some noise” which would be used for his new film “Creed” (Rocky spin off), but it wasn’t much of a help either.

West Brom thus took a well deserved point from the Goodison which moved them to 14th spot with 22 points. Interestingly, a former Stoke manager is doing a great job because West Brom are yet to be beaten in the Premiership since he took charge of the team twenty days ago.

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