​Radamel Falcao Helps a Teenager Find Heart Donor

Manchester United striker saves Colombian teenager’s life

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Radamel Falcao showed wonderful generosity and greatness off the pitch too, saving life of a 17-year-old in urgent need of a heart transplant. John Andres has spent more than two years on the waiting list for an organ donor with his very rare blood type, and his health issues have become even more complicated lately. The doctors predicted that he could wait only a few more months.

However, Andres’ mother managed to reach Radamel Falcao three months ago, who immediately agreed and went on to find the new heart for the young man. Luckily, his search was successful as he found a new heart, securing the transplantation this week.

Helena Fernandez, John Andres’ mother, said :

"Falcao said immediately he’d set to the task of finding a heart. We don’t know how he did it, or who brought the heart, but he did it. We thank God that everything went well."

John Andres received the heart of another young man from Medellin, who had died in an accident. The Columbian teenager is expected to recover and be ready to leave the Bucaramanga cardiovascular foundation in northern Colombia in 20 days.

“They’re going to perform another small surgery and we hope it’s not complicated. I always had the hope that Falcao would help us because he’s a public figure. Everyone listens to him and he’s also very humble and really believes in God.”

Falcao used the opportunity to thank everybody for helping John Andre get a new heart on his Twitter account, saying the boy already had a surgery and hoping his new heart will give him a new life.

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