Giggs Brings the Love

You win together, you lose together, you get your manager sacked - together.

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Manchester United's prodigal son Ryan Giggs has revealed that he wants to "bring the positivity back" to Old Trafford. As a prodigal son you usually have to leave to come back, and although Giggs has been sat firmly on the United bench all season under David Moyes, his mind can only have been somewhere else entirely.

"It has been a frustrating season for everyone. You win together, you lose together. During these four matches, I want to bring some positivity back, bring smiles to the faces. I want to see goals and tackles, I want to get the crowd up and I want to see the passion."

That could be difficult Ryan. Firstly if you want tackles then keep Antonio Valencia away from anything with two legs - he will end someone's career soon with a style that makes Paul Scholes' efforts look like a tickling contest. If you want goals then sit Wayne Rooney in a darkened room for a while - he can only score from the half way line now anyway, and if you want passion don't let Darren Fletcher do post match interviews. Darren makes Andy Murray look like an award winning stand up comedian, his role should be confined to passing the ball to Michael Carrick finding an inch of space and awaiting the return pass. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. Oh and if you want to see the crowd up then you will only be incurring the wrath of the stadium announcer, who insists on making everyone who stands for longer than thirty seconds to sit back down or be placed in the Old Trafford dungeons!

Giggs has no chance of taking the job on a full time basis, but it will be interesting to see just what he gets out of United's Carnival of Clowns, and nobody likes clowns - not even kids - they're just creepy.

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