​English Premier League - Who Draws the Crowds?

Despite football experts warning that there are less and less spectators across the stadiums in the Premier League, the numbers tell a completely different story.

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The sound of silence is something that is never associated with football. We usually think of fan choirs singing and praising the team and raucous crowds. In this research by casinoshorts.com we will see some statistics about which English Premier League teams draw the most crowds when playing.

You might think that in the 2014/2015 season Chelsea was the team that drew the biggest number of spectators, but they are not even in the top 5. It was Manchester United, which is natural considering United has one of the biggest stadiums in Europe.

In 19 home games, Manchester United was seen play by 1.431.362 visitors (2.092.580 home and away), which is 75.335 in average, 396 spectators short of Old Trafford’s full capacity of 75.731. This shows how loyal United’s fans are despite the disappointing season. As a result, Manchester United’s match day revenue is $116.81 million annually. That’s even higher than Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

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