Daniel Sturridge Provoked Hilarious Tweets From His Fans

Great Twitter banter from Liverpool forward

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Daniel Sturridge was most probably in a great mood this morning, Liverpool beating Burnley at Anfield last night and returning to a great form. Sturridge scored the second goal in a 2-0 win over the Clarets, and performed great overall with runs inspiring the Reds' game.

However, judging by his Tweet it seems his highlight of the match was something entirely different! We all know Sturridge enjoys social networks and he's known to hit the spot often; this time challenging his fans to caption his rather weird reaction after the match.

The fans did not disappoint and there was certainly much to laugh about as many responded with hilarious replies giving their captions and we bring you the best of :

As you'd think Sturridge enjoyed each reply and retweeted many of them. This definitely made his day!

You can still reply to Daniel Sturridge official Twitter page and join the banter.

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