City Players Officially Highest Paid in World

Manchester City are the best paid team in any sport worldwide with an annual average wage of £5.3m per player

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In a recent guesstimate, sorry I mean research analysis, ESPN have found that they are no longer the big guns when it comes to paying their players top dollar. For the first time in history Major League Baseball teams the New York Yankees and the LA Dodgers are not out in front when it comes to doing something with a ball. In fact six of the top 10 on the rich list are football clubs, and three of those come from our very own Premier League.

This was the reaction of Kobe Bryant, the biggest earner in any sport, during a recent game for the LA Lakers.

Here is how it breaks down -

1. Manchester City £5.34m

2. NY Yankees £5.28m

3. LA Dodgers £5.11m

4. Real Madrid £5.0m

5. Barcelona £4.9m

6. Brooklyn Nets £4.49m

7. Bayern Munich £4.4m

8. Manchester United £4.32m

9. Chicago Bulls £3.99m

10. Chelsea £3.98m

The money available in football right now is having some strange effects on other sportsmen, and it's only a matter of time before everyone turns to the Beautiful Game. Stop throwing it, hitting it with a stick, dunking it in a net, and tucking it up your jumper and come join the rest of the world America. We don't mind if you're a bit rubbish at first.

Kobe has since cheered up and is doing his best to get involved.

Come on Kobe, You're Our Man, If You Can't Do It, No-one Can - Goooooooooooo Kobe. Yay!!!

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