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I purchased an item from the FootballTube store but have not yet received E-mail confirmation or delivery.

All electronic items purchased from the FootballTube store will be dispatched within 24 hours. All physical items purchased from the store will be dispatched within 72 hours and delivered within 7 working days (For a total of up to 10 days). If you have yet to receive your purchase within the timescale specified above, please contact hello@FootballTube.com with details of your purchase.

Partner Poker Rooms & Deals

I just signed up to a poker room via FootballTube. How do I know if my account is correctly connected to FootballTube?

If you follow all of the instructions on our deal pages, we're certain that you will be tracked just perfectly. However, if you want absolute certainty and peace of mind - You may contact the relevant poker room live support who will be glad to inform you that your affiliate is FootballTube.

I'm having an issue with my account on one of FootballTube's partner rooms.

As an affiliate, we cannot directly resolve any issues which may affect your poker room account. We recommend contacting the poker room support directly - We've listed support contact information on all FootballTube deal pages to help you.

FootballTube Tournaments

I want to play in a FootballTube tournament, but it says the tournament is restricted to FootballTube members. How do I participate?

In order to participate in our added value FootballTube tournaments & Leagues, you must create a new account at our partner poker room via FootballTube. This can be done by locating the specific poker room deal page from our list of deals. Once you find the deal page you're looking for, follow the sign up instructions and your account will be connected to FootballTube.

My Account & Rake Tracking

It says my poker room account is unconfirmed in the 'Rooms' page on my account, why is this? Don't worry, you're more than likely correctly tracked to FootballTube.

All this means is that we haven't yet updated the recent player information for that partner poker room or we don't receive player information from that poker room. For a full list of rooms that we do receive player information, please see this support thread.

I signed up to a poker room but can't see any rake stats?

Unfortunately, not all poker rooms provide us with rake statistics and information. Please see this support thread for full information on which rooms support rake stats and tracking.

Video & Technical Support

Videos aren't playing correctly or are freezing when I try to watch them?

It could be an issue with your computer or your browser. We recommend firstly trying out a different internet browser if this problem occurs (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer). If the problem persists, please contact us and we'll do our best to find a fix.

I uploaded a video to FootballTube but it hasn't yet published?

Don't worry - This simply means that your video hasn't yet been checked by a member of the admin team. We quality check and publish all videos within 12 hours of upload (usually less). If the situation has persisted for over a day, please contact support.

I uploaded a video to FootballTube but the quality is very poor. Can you help me make my videos better quality?

Of course - Please refer to our video guide & technical support forum for the best guidelines on creating and uploading videos to FootballTube. If you're still having trouble, feel free to E-mail support who will be glad to personally help you via phone or instant messenger.

Do your videos work on mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone?

Over 90% of FootballTube videos are compatible with all mobile devices. If you would like a specific video made compatible for your device, get in touch and we will do our best. No promises though!

Can I download your videos and watch them offline?

You can download videos from FootballTube and most other video sites, by using a third party program such as FlashVideoDownloader. Once downloaded the file can usually be converted to watch on the device of your choice. FootballTube does not endorse this.

I would like to report a bug on FootballTube

Users help FootballTube run smoothly. We rely heavily on your bug reports and feedback. Please email hello@FootballTube.com with the subject 'Urgent: Bug Report' and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Business Enquiries

I represent an online poker room and am interested in advertising with FootballTube

Get in touch via our contact form or email hello@FootballTube.com. We enjoy working with , well known poker rooms who offer FootballTube members value for money and are prepared to run money added tournaments to be streamed on FootballTube.

I want to buy text links on FootballTube

Unfortunately we do not sell any kind of links on FootballTube or any of our sites. Please do not contact us regarding any business of this nature.

I would like my product to be sold in the FootballTube store

Get in touch with our store manager, Ryan Bruce via email at Ryan@iPokerVIP.net

I have another business proposition / idea / question

We are always interested in new ideas. Get in touch via our contact form or email hello@FootballTube.com


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